Height Specialists 25th anniversary

18 April 2020

Height Specialists 25 years

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Height Specialists 25 years

The second event of this year is coming up!
On April 18th you and your family will be invited to the Euromast at
1:00 p.m. On this day there is the opportunity for your family to have a look at the history of Height Specialists while enjoying a snack and a drink. For the daring family members it is also possible to go abseiling from the Euromast.

Would you like to be there?

Fill in the form on the right to let us know if you will be there, how many family members you take with you and how many people would like to go abseiling.

Please note: we will first make an inventory of whether it is possible in terms of planning and time to let anyone who would like to abseil to do so. You will get feedback about this.

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Family day 18 april

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