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What can rope access do for you?

Our rope access technicians carry out technical work at high altitude and make your inaccessible places accessible. We have been doing this safely, professionally and efficiently for almost 25 years. Are you curious how we can help you using rope access? Take a look at our different divisions or ask us what we can do for your company.

marine & offshore

Marine & Offshore

Our rope access technicians carry out your project all over the world. In a (foreign) port, on a drilling platform, on board of ships; Height Specialists delivers professional teams with a flexible mindset for short or long periods. Our technicians are safety conscious, have thorough technical knowledge and possess the right certificates.

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process & petrochemical

Process & Petrochemical

Our rope access teams know the culture at various locations and are in possession of the necessary certificates to visit them. Thanks to the rope access techniques, we are able to minimize downtime and ensure a minimum impact on the environment. Just like you, safety is our number 1 priority.

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civil rope access

Civil & Infrastructure

Height Specialists performs your work quickly and effectively with minimal impact on the environment. Whether it’s repetitive cleaning work or support during your new construction projects, rope access can be used in all areas. Thanks to our IRATA certification and our experience in the civil sector, our specialists are aware of the safety of everyone involved in the project.

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rope access energie


Our rope access specialists support your experts during all your projects in special places. Installing solar panels on pitched roofs, inspecting and repairing wind turbines; the teams of Height Specialists are flexible and available for a longer period of time. Besides the IRATA certification, our teams are also GWO certified, making us widely deployable.

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advertising & promotion rope access

Advertising & promotion

Height Specialists likes to think along with you about the implementation of small and large promotional campaigns at height. With 25 years of experience, we know the pitfalls and find solutions for placing and executing advertisements in spectacular places. We do this quickly, safely, flexibly and with minimal inconvenience to the environment.

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